5 Influencers Worth Following

I recently underwent a social media declutter, being more intentional with the content hitting my screen. I was also missing a lot from people I actually wanted to see with new algorithms not quite hitting the spot.

These are 5 people I have consistently followed for a while and love, they care about providing quality content for their platform and work their butts off to move towards their goals. When it comes to people I follow I want it to feel as organic and genuine as it would be if they were my close friend.

If you have some favourite social influencers comment below!

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick - The Skinny Confidential

Image @theskinnyconfidential

There are so many reasons why I love Lauryn. She's so real with her followers and has so many amazing guests on her podcast. The consistency in her content is a testament to her clear brand vision. She set out to empower other women in business and has absolutely achieved that. She's not afraid to hustle and she encourages others to do the same.

She has amazing skin and the best tips on how to improve your skincare game. I know that's not everyone's cup of tea, but honestly, skincare is so important! There is so much to love about Lauryn and her multiple platforms. My favourite is definitely her podcast she hosts with her husband.

Instagram Handel: @theskinnyconfidential

Rachel Hollis
Author/Motivational Speaker/Podcast Host/Blogger...

Image @msrachelhollis

Rachel is a serious hustler (are you seeing a pattern?), absolutely no excuses. You and you alone are responsible for reaching your goals. If you haven't already read it Rachel has a New York Bestseller book out "Girl, Wash Your Face" and a second on the way "Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals" (releasing March 12th).

Along with her husband, she hosts a weekly Instagram live video which is always encouraging while holding accountability to their followers. It's almost difficult to keep up with how much this woman does. If you need some no-nonsense/cringe-free motivation Rachel is one to follow!

Instagram Handel: @msrachelhollis

Milena Ciciotti

Image @milenaciciotti

Milena is such a radiant light on an often brutal platform, sharing her love for makeup, fitness and Christ. Her Youtube videos are always fun, engaging and full of personality. I love it when you can really get a sense of a person through their content, not just a picture perfect life.

Milena's first child is due this month, and the journey has been so exciting to follow. Her nursery tours and general home updates are beautiful and unlike many "influencers" she's very keen on not breaking the budget. Milena promotes thrifting and anything bargain, she regularly shares tips on how to thrift more successfully. She has such a lovely balance on her platforms of all the important things in her life and it's such a joy to follow along.

Instagram Handel: @milenaciciotti

Jess Duxbury - The Hoppy Home

Image @thehoppyhome

Jess shares her beautiful home and the cutest little bunnies. She runs a blog with tons of tips on home decoration and social media. Her Instagram stories are hilarious...seriously hilarious. The balance of a pleasing Instagram aesthetic and the fun spirit of Jess shines through every post. It's also nice to support and follow someone from the UK.

The bunnies are regulars on her feed and stories and what's not to love? They are truly adorable.

Instagram Handel: @thehoppyhome

Jane Campbell

Image @jvfitness93

Jane is one of the most genuine fitness personalities on Instagram, with a real passion to help girls feel their best. Weight loss is the focus on a lot of fitness platforms, Jane totally flips the table on that. Highlighting the struggle of many people who find it difficult to put on weight or build muscle. She is informed about nutrition and personal training and openly debunks myths about food, dieting and exercise.

Jane's feed is packed with exercises that you can save for the next trip to the gym. There is a real focus on providing quality advice and calling out fad products that won't help long term. Being a personal trainer she's on the ground working with real people and helping them achieve their fitness goals.

I can't forget to mention her adorable cats Saskia (aka Sass) and Storm who are regulars on her insta stories.

Instagram Handel: @jvfitness93

All five influencers have different niches, the common thread is their passion to create quality content that informs their audience and empowers them. Most are entrepreneurs running their businesses from their laptops and hustling to reach their goals, if that's not admirable then I don't know what is.


  1. 3 of my favourite influencers





    1. Nice! I love Lydia, her home renovations are so beautiful.

      Oh Shona, you smooth talker :)


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