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I opened my Instagram Stories a few months ago and was being directed to a woman (let's call her Erica), she was talking about how important it is to take a step forward sometimes, even when you're terrified.

Not all moves towards your goals have to be a leap of faith. Sometimes a small terrified baby step forward is all it takes to set a new path into action.

Don't let yourself be paralysed by the thought of failure.

Erica mentioned how there are often ideas we let roll around in our heads, we brush them off for excuses, but sometimes for valid reasons. Excuses are one thing, but when genuine risk is involved we tend to shy away even more.

If I fail, it is going to have a negative financial impact on my family...but if I succeed it would provide a lifestyle for my family that we don't have right now.

I'm surrounded by ambitious people. I could pretend I was fortunate and luck played a role, but there was no luck. Everyone has limited time in a day, week, month and year. Surrounding yourself with people who support you, inspire you and make you want to be better.

Sometimes the possibility of success is worth taking that first terrifying step.

Images: @theceokid

Note: I spent a lot of time trying to refind the woman who posted but I didn't save it at the time and I don't follow her.


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