You're Not a Machine - It's Ok to Not Be Productive | Mini Post

Mini Post

Catching up with friends, the dreaded question - what did you do today?

Quarantine has shaken everyone's routines. Some have improved their skills in the kitchen, others are improving their fitness. I've seen countless posts on social media telling people NOW is the time to be productive, NOW is the time to chase after a goal. I would agree to an extent, many people have more time on their hands to do something they didn't previously have time for. However, it's ok if you don't feel up to it.

Some days I'm really productive and it feels great, but why do I feel stressed, anxious and guilty when my answer to the "dreaded question" is - I woke up, ate 3 meals and watched some videos? Nobody is keeping a record of your productivity. We're going through a global pandemic, you're not going to get a gold star at the end because you were 100% productive.

Maybe today the most productive thing you've done is wake up and that's ok!

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