Buying Art When You're Decorating On A Budget

This is a short and sweet blog post today about adding larger art prints to your house without blowing the budget. I've seen a lot of YouTubers and Instagramers recently posting about buying art etc. but a lot of them are still pretty expensive, or you don't have the store they've mentioned anywhere near you.

This is one way you can DIY some beautiful prints without blowing the budget!

Finding a Frame

Ikea does the RIBBA frame up to size 61x91cm (this is a bit bigger than an A1) with mount for £18.
The frame will comfortably fit an A1 print.

They stock other sizes, I've mentioned the largest size because it's more of a challenge to find a big frame that won't blow the budget.

The Art

Unsplash will be your best friend! All the images on here are free to use, just search for what you're looking for and see lots of beautiful images load.

*Note* You might have to edit the image dimensions slightly to get the correct size before printing, but this is easily done.


Go to a local print shop, they will be able to help you pick a lovely paperweight and finish to make your art look great. You'll be able to see sample paper which is always a great way to make sure you get exactly what you want, and most printers will be able to print it there and then for you.

The company I use in Glasgow would typically cost you around £8-10 for an A1 print on heavier paper stock. They have an online facility too with lots of offices around the UK, but I would recommend heading into a shop if you can. (I've linked them here)

Alternatively, there are a tonne of online services you could use to print. From a quick search, you can get an A1 print from as low as £4.

Ta Da

There you have it, some beautiful Art (large art) for around £26.


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